contact: ryan stumpe [creative director|producer]
[406.579.3817] [] [12 Lombardy st #2, brooklyn, NY 11222
AVERingenuity represents a diverse assortment of creative directors, producers, cinematographers, digital artists and writers who provide high quality media content for advertising, entertaining, and education. The company specializes in creating progressive content and design, working within all levels of budgetary requirements. AVER also functions as a fully equipped production company for collaborators desiring to create in the motion arts. AVER does many things well, our passion is assisting in the development and production of great stories in independent and alternative realms. A strong emphasis on practical viseral and aural design with work ethic from long hard Rocky Mountain winters, a New York understanding of style, and a West Coast friendly attitude. Professional, persistent, and personal, many of our colleagues agree, working with AVER is the way work should be. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: In 2003 AVER was born of a passion to create and deliver. Conceived in the attic appartment of Ryan Stumpe and Zach Gildersleeve, AVER quickly became a leading producer of corporate and advertising content in the Rocky Mountain and Northwest regions. After developing and producing two feature length documentaries, 32 episodes of sketch comedy for cable distribution, a pilot for children's programing, alongside a vault of corporate, web, and advertising collateral, AVER expanded forces to Los Angeles in 2006. PROFESSIONAL APPLICATION: Growing a strong network of professional crew and vendor connections up and down the Pacific coast, AVER became a trusted development, production and post consultant on national programing, festival winning documentaries, and many more advertising, music video and digital web campaigns. Consistent desire kept AVER involved and experienced with industry changing digital technologies, understanding and mastering essential behind the camera resources from advancing reliable industry standards to experimenting across mediums including specialty rigging, underwater systems, motion control, high speed, automation, stereoscopic digital image capture and projection mapping. AND STILL ADVANCING: Now with a base in New York and strong production support across North America, AVER continues to push the boundaries of what productions can achieve, inspiring producers, directors, and crews to collaborate efficiently and create extraordinarily.